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3 cool tips for IELTS Speaking part 1

3 Cool Tips For IELTS Speaking Part 1

The video gives the most practical tips for anyone who wants to do well in their IELTS Speaking Test. 3 tips are provided to improve and rebuild the first three essential questions asked at the beginning of IELTS Speaking Part 1. See you in the next one! Angel,

IELTS speaking Jan to April 2022

Ielts Speaking Topics January to April 2022

The most accurate and latest IELTS Speaking Topics for Jan to April 2022, from around the globe. All these speaking questions have been painstakingly collected from IELTS test takers worldwide.

IELTS Speaking Topics Sep to Dec 2021

IELTS Speaking Topics September to December 2021

This article lists IELTS Speaking Topics from September to December 2021. The following IELTS Speaking questions are apt for anyone preparing for the test in the month of September, October, November and December 2021. This list contains all the tentative topics you may need to prepare for IELTS Speaking Test – Part 1 or General …

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